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Mission Statement:

​"Action Sports EMS will consistently evaluate and promote the latest in pre-hospital emergency medical services while providing personal and compassionate care.  We will promote safety, communication and transparency to all who request our services.  We will utilize members who strive to provide professional, high quality, and cost effective patient care.  We will promote Motosports and defend the rights of our riders and athletes to all who may question the merits of the events we service."

What we are about & how we are different:

We believe being on the track with our riders is the only way to really grasp what is going on to provide care at a moments notice. 

Our crew of Nationally Registered EMT's and Paramedics can be at an injured persons side in just moments.  We are stationed within the event (track, hill climb, woods) where we are afforded a vantage point that is unique in emergency care.  By witnessing an injury occur or being moments away from an injured person we are preventing delays in the care process.  Being able to rule out a loss of consciousness, or other life threats will help dictate how an injured person will be treated or transported.  Sitting in an ambulance waiting to be called by track personal is no different than calling 911, the EMS crew goes in blind not knowing what happened. Hired services who operate like this have no relationship with the promoter,the family or the riders.  This standard of operation has resulted in unnecessary transports, hospital bills and worst of all, a negative attitude toward emergency services at venues all over the country. Distrust of a care provider can result in an injured party declining care or avoiding EMS to later find out significant injuries exist.

What we do for the rider & promoter

Your Action Sports EMS team works with promoters and event owners to improve safety and operations, we provide a layer of safety and security for all attendees at the venues we service.  We speak to our riders and families, we use their input and suggestions to improve safety and transparency. We try to involve ourselves in all facets of event operations to help maintain a safe environment allowing for immediate care when needed.  

What tools & training make us special:

Our staff is trained to use the Eject Helmet Removal system, a special device that helps prevent neck injury or movement when a helmet must be removed.  This device is used in many professional sports such as SuperCross and Sprint Cup Series races.  We are specially trained to install and use this device and advocate its use to all riders we come in contact with. 

Many of our staff members have special training in trauma management.  P.H.T.L.S. (Pre-Hospitaol Trauma Life Support) an advanced skill course used to improve critical thinking and manage traumatic injures.  This skill set not required by many services but is a must have when working for Action Sports EMS.  Our ambulances are setup specifically for traumatic injuries, while we can still manage a cardiac event or something as

simple as a headache, we have outfitted all of our trucks with redundant equipment focusing on traumatic injuries and treatment of life threats.

Our staff is required to have a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education per year, this course of study is often focused on trauma. 

We have an annual EVOC (emergency vehicle operations course) to cover ambulance operation and safe driving practices.

Behind the scenes:

We pre-plan routes of travel and make contact with all emergency resources available to us to provide the highest level of care in the shortest amount of time. We coordinate with local hospitals, life flight and local ambulance services to coordinate rapid transport and treatment.

Our operational plans afford us the ability to by-pass lower level hospitals so we can expedite care to the highest level of care available under the direction of a Physician via radio or cell phone.  We operate guided by a number of "standing orders" which allow us to make decisions in the field when communication is an issue and life and limb are at risk.   We have the support of two very progressive medical directors which afford us some latitude in regards to patient care.  Family is always welcome in our ambulance as they are a valuable asset when it comes to treating an injured individual and help us to obtain crucial information.

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