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Case Studies - Education - Infomation

At Action Sports EMS we feel our true calling is to educate and advocate for our motorsports family


Patient care and transport is what an ambulance service is built around, that model only serves as reactive and deals with injuries after they occur.  Our team feels becoming a proactive force in this industry will benefit participants, families and EMS as a whole.  As we collect data, speak to our patients and draw well thought out conclusions we feel we can make the industry safer and better equip ambulance services across the board.

It's time we peel back the layers, study the data and educate in an unbiased manner.


Moving forward; As we establish direct communication with manufacturers and provide them with real world data we hope to help them produce better products, change designs,  while backing up safety claims with real data not laboratory tests or theories.

Great Lakes EMS Inc. / Action Sports EMS is not affiliated with or compensated by any manufacturer or brand name.

We do not endorse a specific brand or style of safety gear over another.  When appropriate we will partner with manufactures to procure data and studies they have performed in relation to their safety gear product line. Combined with our community of riders and real world data we hope to help them build superior products based on a whole new data set.

We encourage manufactures to supply us with a complete line of safety gear to educate, fit and test their items in a controlled real word environment.  Collaboration between Great Lakes EMS Inc. / Action Sports EMS and a manufacturer are required to meet a set of criteria with our community in mind:

  • Real world testing in a race or riding environment.

  • Assure proper fitment and sizing to assure product performance.

  • Provide a variety of test products to account for personal preference.

  • Explanation of a device, it's limitations and expected level of protection.

  • Dispel myths related to devices both positive and negative.

  • Show advantages of new designs and the progression and evolution of a product lines.

  • Remain transparent by providing real data to back up or dispel manufacturer claims.

  • Provide an emergency medial perspective from medics versed in motorsports and safety gear.

Current or completed case studies:

  • Helmet Removal Tool  (Completed Publish Date 2/2016)

  • Neck Braces  (Completed Publish Date 1/2019)

  • Knee Braces & Femur Fractures - Fall 2019

  • Helmet Performance  - 2020

  • Air Ambulance Utilization - 2020

  • Concussion Study - 2022

As a care providers we can only share data from real experiences and documented cases all while protecting patient privacy.  It is the responsibility of our community and individuals to draw their own conclusions.  It sounds cliche but the data about seat belts, air bags, and so many other safety devices is made public and it all boils down to choice. 

We as a team hope with what we share in the coming years will save lives, improve products and drive manufacturers to make superior products with real world data by putting our community first when it comes to safety.

- Action Sports EMS

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