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Helmet Removal System

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Action Sports EMS encourages the use of the Eject Helmet Removal System.

Removing a helmet "the old way" can cause further injury or even paralysis.


Helmet removal methodology has not changed in nearly 30 years!


Current helmet removal training for the EMT is simple and straight forward but does not take into consideration there is a tool to do it better.


The eject system allows for the inflation of a bladder either already installed in a helmet or inserted by an EMS professional on scene.  Inflating the bladder lifts the helmet off of the head with little to no neck movement thereby reducing the risk of complications from helmet removal.  


Action Sports EMS has been using the Eject Helmet Removal System since 2010 and its use is explained at all of our rider safety meetings.  We are equipped with the provider kit so even if your helmet is not equipped we can manage helmet removal in the safest manner possible. 

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  • Airway! Airway! Airway! If you are not breathing the heart won't be beating for much longer.

  • Airway! Lack of oxygen will lead to irreversible brain damage.

  • Airway! Unconscious patients cannot maintain their own airway, they cannot breath correctly without interventions.

  • Airway! Unconscious patients often vomit or choke on their own saliva which can lead to death days later.

  • Neuro! (The Brain) We have to check your eyes to begin to assess for a traumatic brain injury.

  • LIFE BEFORE LIMB (Save a life even at the cost of paralysis or other life altering deficit.)



  • It is nearly impossible to open and manage an airway (mouth) to keep you breathing.

  • We cannot do CPR breathing or insert a breathing tube with a helmet in the way.

  • A patient with a severe brain trauma may not be breathing. 

  • Managing severe injures to the head, face and neck are nearly impossible.

  • An unconscious person cannot tell an EMT that there is pain in their neck or upper back.

  • Removing a helmet may paralyze or cause further injury to an already fragile or damaged spinal cord. 


Action Sports EMS uses the Eject Helmet Removal tool because its fast, safe and effective.

It allows us to treat life threatening situations without having to resort to the LIFE BEFORE LIMB scenario. 


The Eject system does not protect you like a helmet, riding boots, or goggles.


The Eject system helps protect you from further injury when your life is on the line!


What are the odds?


Well your car has airbags and seat belts, your house has a smoke detector, yeah it's just like that. 

Hope you never need any of them but thank goodness they were invented and are in place when you do!   


The Eject is cost effective peace of mind.

They last for years and can be swapped from an old helmet to a new one.  

Many helmets have a foam insert where in the helmet mounted system goes.

The system is easy, a parent or friend can intervene and show any EMT or Paramedic how to use it. 

The training is free and takes 10 minutes!

Action Sports EMS is an authorized re-seller and nobody can beat our price, its about safety not profit!

The Eject product line was purchased by Simpson Racing and is no longer affiliated with "Shock Doctor" products.

                   Live action x-ray of a spine during conventional and Eject helmet removal. 




                 EMT tool use and insertion video 

                 EMT tool use and insertion video

                 Consumer install video guide.

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