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To whom it may concern,

As an American Motorcyclist Association appointed referee and certified safety officer, I have never been  as confident in an ambulance provider as I am in Action Sports EMS.  Not only does Action Sports EMS provide top notch ambulatory care of patients at our racing events, they do it in a proactive manner that I have never witnessed in any other public ambulance service that has ever provided service for our events.  Keep in mind, we have been promoting events for 58 years and have seen many different EMT’s and ambulance services during that time.  Not one of them, provided the service in a proactive, we “are here for the participants” type mentality like the crew at Action Sports EMS does. 

I encourage you to view their website at


​Dave Henry

Motocross Chair / Referee

Pleasure Riders Motorcycle Club

American Motorcyclist Association Safety Officer

To whom it may concern,

As a mother of a dirt bike event racer, there is a lot of stress and worry during any event my child participates in.

It is a blessing to have Action Sports EMS at the events. All of the staff are well trained but the biggest plus in my book is knowing that they deal with racers and the types of injuries that go along with the sport on a weekly basis.

They are caring and compassionate. Just having this particular crew at events takes a huge worry off of my shoulders as a parent. Without this crew events would be covered by local crews who are just there to make an easy buck. The local crews tend to sit in their rig and take their time if something happens to a racer.  In short without this crew of excellent EMT's our racers would not get the care they need when an accident happens on the track. Just knowing they are there keeps minds at ease. They are a great asset to the Motorsport events. It is a shame there are not more EMT's with the knowledge and compassion that this group possesses. Children and adult racers are in good hands when they are around.

Thank you for your time.


Amy Brian

To Whom it May Concern,
I am writing to express my appreciation for the care that my 12 year old son received from the Action Sports EMS, while they were covering a motocross event in ********** at  ************ in September of 2012. While on the track with other riders, my son took a nasty crash where he experienced pain in his back, wrist, and upper thigh. The team of EMTs controlled the area of the track while attending to my son and stabilizing him to be moved to the ambulance. They were attentive and communicative to my son and our family thru the whole process of stabilizing him. With their equipment, he was transported to their ambulance for further assessment. The team was efficient and explained what they were evaluating each step of the way. As he was being transported to the hospital, the team updated the ER staff on their evaluation and results. I believed that this saved a lot of time by cutting out duplicate evaluations and assessments once we arrived at the hospital. ​ With x-rays and consultation with the ER doctor, this ER visit was less than an hour long. I chalk that up to the ER staff being properly briefed before we even arrived at the hospital. 

In motorsports, unfortunately, there are times that we need this kind of assistance track side. We have had some experience with other EMT services and I can say that my son has never had the care that he had that day in September with any other emergency service. If we could race only tracks that had a Action Sports EMS team covering it, we would. These guys know the race environment that they have to work in, and they understand the range of possible injuries that could occur.

The amount of care this team provides is a great comfort in an otherwise dramatic situation.

Melanie Ryker


My name is John Gepford.​

I, along with a great crew of club members have organized a fundraiser event for Big Brothers/ Big Sisters for the past twenty years. In 2012 we were fortunate enough to have the services of Action Sports EMS. These folks are the real deal. There was no sitting in the rig with heater running. They were out on the trail, in the pit area, and in constant radio contact with the club members who were at different sections of the course. An off-road event such as ours presents different challenges than a motocross race in that it covers such a large area and variety of terrain.​

We did have one injury that required emergent care. The rider happened to be a friend of mine. I visited with him the following day, and he and his wife ( an ER RN ) made several comments about how impressed they were with care he received from Ryan and Brittany.
Ryan also corresponded with myself and other club officers following the event with concerns and suggestions on how we could make our event safer for the riders in the future. This was done in a very professional and respectful manner. We have already implemented many of these ideas.


In closing, I cannot say enough about the positive impact of Action Sports EMS on the venues they have served.​

John Gepford
Treasurer, Dirtriders Inc.

To whom it may concern,
I have been a photographer specializing in off road motorsports for ten years.

PBP has covered events such as motocross, cross country or hare scramble, off road truck/buggy (similar to CORR series), trials, and hill climbs throughout the Midwestern US.  I am a former medical assistant, wife of a career firefighter and mother of an EMT. I give this background so that you understand where this information is coming from. 
Action Sports has been a godsend to the venues they service. Normally the EMS services that are available to these venues are local basic EMT's from either paid or volunteer fire/EMS departments.

Many services have a personal bias against the sport; especially in regards to children participating in them. Rarely do they have an understanding of the possible injuries that can be sustained in motorsports or that these athletes have an inordinately high pain tolerance. I have seen several riders with broken bones; concussions, etc. get back up and continue racing; even after losing consciousness. Adults can refuse treatment and often do.  Local EMT’s do not know how to handle these situations. 

I cover about 40 events per year; some with Action Sports EMS and many with local EMS.  The care given by Action Sports EMS is far better in my opinion.  They understand the nature of these athletes, what possible injuries to look for, and the specialized gear used for racing. 

Action Sports EMS comes prepared as they know what to expect at these sporting events.

Phyllis Blume
Phyllis Blume Photography


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