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Transfer Services  ALS & BLS

Dispatch: 920-581-8000

Fax:          855-425-3066

Whether a patient is being admitted to the hospital or being transferred for rehabilitation, our goal at Great Lakes EMS is to ensure all of our patients have a safe, comfortable and pleasant ride to their destination. 
Our ambulances are outfitted with comfort items such as bottled water, extra fluffy heated blankets, over-sized pillows
and memory foam mattresses. WiFi and a host of entertainment options such as streaming music and movies are also available at no cost to our patient. A transfer is required because the patient is not ambulatory, cannot drive or so sick they cannot otherwise travel themselves.  Making the transfer experience less of an ambulance ride and more of a short trip with a friend is something we strive to accomplish.
Great Lakes EMS provides 24/7 emergent and non-emergent responses to the destinations all over the Midwest. 
The following are common transportation services that Great Lakes EMS provides:
  • Long distance transports
  • Local / Regional transports
  • Oxygen therapy -  EMTs are capable of transporting clients in need of continuous or on-demand oxygen therapy via nasal cannula, non-rebreather mask or tracheostomy mask.
  • As-needed airway suctioning
  • Cardiac and SPO2 Monitoring
  • IV fluids
  • Specialized psychiatric transport and care protocol.

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