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Who we are...

Dispatch: 920-581-8000

Fax:          855-425-3066

Mission Statement:​

​"Great Lakes EMS will consistently evaluate and promote the latest in pre-hospital emergency medical services while providing    personal and compassionate care.  We will promote safety, communication and transparency to all who request our services.              We will utilize members who strive to provide professional, high quality, and cost effective patient care."

The staff at Great Lakes EMS is comprised of EMS providers from all walks of life. From EMT Basic to Critical Care Paramedic and Registered Nurses. We are passionate about what we do, by not operating as a dedicated 911 service we feel our transports and patient contacts are never "mundane".   Every patient is a new experience, a new conversation, a new life story.  Providing comfort, conversation and a stress free environment is paramount to what we do as providers and we feel it can make for better patient outcomes.


Great Lakes EMS is owned by its 35 members and founded on core values of patient care, innovation and passion for people who need us.

We are based in Brillion Wisconsin, 20 minutes East of the Fox Valley, this location affords us a central location to service Green Bay, Manitowoc, Two Rivers, Oshkosh and the Fox Valley area. 


We work with local hospitals to build relationships to fill a need for transfer services allowing us to fund our safety and education operations while providing a valuable service.  We offer public CPR courses, Basic First Aid classes, and work with local rural 911 providers to afford them "EVOC" Emergency Vehicle Operations Courses at no cost.  Great Lakes EMS also offers training courses to our providers at no cost to help maintain their required annual continuing education credits.


We man a 24 hour a day dedicated dispatch line, we are available all hours of the day and night 365 days a year.  A call is routed to our dispatch center to a live person, the call is then paged to our on call crew members to accept the transport.  

We accept private insurance, MediCare, MedicAid and private payments.  We utilize MediClaims Billing Services for billing and to manage all billing questions.  Payment arrangements can be made with Medi-Claims Billing on a case by case basis.  

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